🥁AI Instruments

Your Instrument is mortal. It will die, at the same age his Soul did. Good luck.

Generative NFT Instruments: Make Music & Art using Machine Learning

The WOM Instruments is a music generator for creators.

Select the type of music you want - genre, instruments, mood, length, etc - and let our WOM AI generate beautiful songs for you.

Each Instrument will hold a Soul. The Soul will be the style of one of the 888 musicians in the history, the attribute will hold the musician rhythm in a specific period of time.

Type of Instruments: - Vocals - String - Wind - Percussion - DJ & Keyboard If you put your WOM INSTRUMENT to learn (STAKE) inside The Studio your WOM INSTRUMENT will produce 1 new autogenerated music for you each month.

There will be only 888 super exclusive WOM INSTRUMENTS to claim.

Your Instrument NFT doubles as your Instrument membership card, granting access to music related members-only benefits.

The WOM Instruments will give you access and discounts to the best places in the world to learn music.

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