🎙️The Studio

It’s hard to play music over Zoom. Why not head to the metaverse?

Creating a music metaverse for collaboration and performance.

WOM Studios will enable musicians of all demographics and genres to collaborate together from anywhere in the world.

WOM Studios is building a virtual metaverse focused around music, where people will be able to form bands from across the planet, compete in challenges, and perform in front of virtual audiences.

Aims to make practicing more fun, make finding and playing with other musicians easier, and offer recording, performing, and sharing music.

Regardless of skill or demographic - to us, you are a musician and you should be part of the WOM community and part of the experience.

We respect and value the diversity of people, including their views, their experiences, and their music. For everyone to play, we need to give players the tools, platform, and agency to achieve their individual music aspirations.

WOM Studios will always strive to make it easier for players to learn, create, collaborate, and share music.

The Contest

The World of Music Contest is designed for solo artists, bands, and singers all over the world who are looking for exposure, recognition, and a chance to be noticed by industry professionals.

The goal of World of Music is to find an outstanding, talented performer: a band, singer, or solo artist…a newcomer or veteran…raw or polished – the “gem” that needs to be discovered.

The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded $50,000 (US) in cash plus additional prizes consisting of merchandise and services, all geared toward helping an artist’s career. First Place and Second Place winners will also be selected in each category and will be awarded prizes. The First Place winner in the Screen Shot category will also be mentored by a group of music execs who place songs in film, tv, ads, and video games.

Top 10 music get selected to record the WOM Album every year & musicians are invited to the WOM Contest event in Malibu.

This is your chance to be discovered by the biggest names in the music business.

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