volume$ is an ETH token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It was created with a starting supply of zero.

  • The maximum supply is 21,000,000 Volume$.

  • The only way to generate volume$ is by staking your A.I Generative Instrument.

  • Each Instrument can generate a specific amount of Volume$ in his lifetime.

  • There will be only 888 unique A.I Generative Instruments and once they generate all the Volume$ they have, they die.

  • To stake your Instruments you need at least 1 WOM (https://opensea.io/collection/womnft)

  • If you stake your Instruments with 4 WOM's and make them learn music every day, your Instrument will generate Volume$ faster.

  • There will be other tools to improve the generation of Volume$ of your Instrument.

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