An exclusive members’ club of 8,888 WOM NFTs that gives holders access to the ultimate music experience.

WOM is open to all—music lovers, music professionals, amateur musicians, students, and individual and organizational friends of music.

Members have a great number of benefits, ranging from publicity in WOM's monthly newsletter, a plethora of performance opportunities (at any skill level), access to an exclusive club of top star musicians, producers and the best people in music from all over the world.

Be able to collaborate with them, attend festivals and exclusive events all around the world.

Brand & IP

The goal for WOM is to stand alone as its own brand & IP.

We will use the World of Music brand to give holders IP rights of the entire collection.

This will co-exist alongside the WOM DAO essentially “shark tanking” musicians allowing for either buyouts of ideas or teams to use or help fund these ideas alongside promoting them.

Essentially you as a holder build an idea you have or an album and capitalize on the World of Music brand itself instead of being limited to just capitalizing on your specific WOM. The team will be able to drive your business ideas and actually see results. Free branding + free marketing.

Let's say I want to make album design with World of Music logo or some WOM's. I could sell those and even request some funding from the WOM DAO to help start it up. If the DAO likes the idea or the music, then the holder has proven enough efficiency for the WOM DAO to buy the idea even outright.

Holders benefits

  • Unlimited access to Speaking Panels that feature the biggest names in music.

  • Exclusive access to the WOM Music Studios in the physical & virtual world in Malibu, California.

  • Lifetime access to the WORLD OF MUSIC festival & exclusive events.

  • 5% of the profits will go to charity MusiCares.

  • Meet & greets with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

  • Ownership & commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their collection.

  • Access to exclusive WOM merchandise and signed memorabilia from major artists.

  • Discounts on IRL products

  • Play to earn game (The World of Music)

  • Metaverse Stadium in Decentraland access

  • A community that will be involved inside the industry

  • Earn 2% every time something is sold/resold (women, music, merch, etc.).

  • Early access to all upcoming releases.

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